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The Garden : Chrissy

Published in
Womanly Magazine
Issue 6

Painter and Artist Chrissy had 3 children whilst living here, and the council cleared an area at the end of her garden for a potential development, however nothing ever came to fruition. After building a secret hatch for her children to access that unoccupied land for a few years she wrote a note to the land registry asking about claiming title to it. 13 years later she received a letter telling her she had been succesful.

Now she lives year round from the food she grows there, she paints from the out-house she converted into a studio, and she creates space for London wildlife to thrive amongst her crops.


Glints of Gold

Some images published in
Above Sea Level Magazine
Issue 2
2013 - Present

Industrial and agricultural landscapes farmed and dug up to show the layers of land and geogolgy beneath them. Abstract crops of these landscapes and the architecture built on them create an intrigue to look deeper into the wounds of the ground beneath us.

These images are from Scotland, Portugal, Australia and Borneo. They sit together as a larger body of work, please get in contact to see more. 


Muted Matter 


Chaos can often leave you numb and searching for distraction to pull you out of reality.

These images are part of an ongoing body of work exploring moments of calm in portraits amongst movement and light within landcsapes. Capturing pauses and quiet, light and stillness.


Studio Visits : Daniel Reynolds

Published online on
How To Spend It with
The Financial Times

Studio visit with sculptor Daniel Reynolds in his south London studio.

Daniel Reynolds is a sculptor and ceramicist, creating abstract mobiles, lighting, and large ceramic vessels. His work reflects the salient movements of the 20th Century, paying homage to British artists such as Victor Pasmore, Patrick Heron and William Scott. In contrast, his ceramic technique draws a direct line to the ancients, resulting in ample forms, enhanced through the use of simple colours and patterning which is reflected throughout his studio.




A selection of various portraits from comissions, personal projects and of close friends and family.